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30 percel kiszállítás
430 Ft

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Daisy pizza

Daisy pizza 30cm thick
885 Ft

Pizza sauce with cheese
Homemade sauces are based on tomato puree, into which, in the spirit of tradition, oregano is added.

If anything, it's really Italian. One of the coolest pizzas.

It’s good if you know the sauce on the pizza is cooked at home, with the addition of tomato puree, oregano and other spices that give it its distinctive taste. This is where the other main pizza accessory, cheese, comes in, which makes it a real delicacy when fried crispy.

Tip, if you really want to eat in Italian, ask for thin pasta!

Taste it in person at the Fairy Kitchen. If you don't have time to jump into the city center, you know, wherever we take you to Szeged, just order it by phone or online.

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Pizza sauce separately

Pizza sauce
185 Ft

In addition to pizzas, pizza sauce is an indispensable taste,
which at our Fairy Kitchen is made in the original Italian style.
Don't hesitate to order online or by phone
and we'll take you home to make your pizza even more enjoyable.

Nutrient content

in 1 serving
in 100g
1615.7 kcal347.2 kcal
6760.1 KJ
1452.5 KJ
64.2 g13.8 g
saturated fatty acids
23.3 g5.0 g
199.8 g42.9 g
13.4 g2.9 g
55.9 g12.0 g
465.4 g

The zone dose is 50% of the normal dose.

Ingredients: basil, oregano, tomato puree, cooking oil, semi-catch flour, granulated sugar, salt, yeast, cheese