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525 Ft

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He caught meat

He caught meat normal dose
1 090 Ft

Meatballs are a traditional dish, made by our grandparents. As it is a widespread food, there is practically a well-proven generation-to-generation recipe per household, which is a little different from the original. He pays special attention to the originality and tradition of his food. Vegetables are best as a side dish, but you can safely eat spring rice, steamed vegetables, and french fries.


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Nutrient content

in 1 serving
in 100g
1018.4 kcal340.0 kcal
4260.9 KJ
1422.7 KJ
61.9 g20.7 g
saturated fatty acids
12.4 g4.2 g
71.5 g23.9 g
6.7 g2.2 g
38.7 g12.9 g
299.5 g 

The zone dose is 50% of the normal dose.

Ingredients: black pepper, pig tiny, cooking oil, fine flour, salt, breadcrumbs, egg, garlic, red onion