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30 percel kiszállítás
430 Ft

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Vegetarian decorative plate for 2 people

Vegetarian decorative plate
3 650 Ft

Fried cauliflower, fried mushrooms, fried camembert, fried smoked cheese, fried potatoes, steamed rice

Contains gluten and eggs.

The good thing about decorative bowls is not only that they are beautiful, but also that you are not ordering exclusively for yourself, so you will surely have someone with whom you can have a good conversation in addition to culinary delights.

Our restaurant offers four types of decorative dishes for the husi, for which you can vary the garnish as you like.

Here is the selection from which you will find something that suits your partner, partner and you:

- meat lover

- gyros

- vegetarian

- mixed

If you do not have time to jump into the Fairy Kitchen in Szeged to taste it, we will deliver it to your home, just order it by phone or online!

Allergen information:

Fresh fries contain gluten and eggs.

Since we use real milk for mashed potatoes, if you choose this as a side dish, it also contains milk and dairy products.

We recommend...

Cocoa pancakes

Cocoa pancakes
230 Ft

Sprinkled with powdered cocoa, divine!


Contains gluten.

Contains eggs.

Contains added sugar.

Did you know that cocoa pancakes can be served in two ways. For this reason, I always pair it out of order.

1: Sprinkle the pancakes with icing cocoa, roll it up, bite into it, and enjoy as the cocoa powder melts on our tongues.

2: Place the cocoa pancakes in the microwave for a few seconds. Then the cocoa melts and we have no choice but to enjoy the taste of melted cocoa and pancake batter in our mouths.

Taste both versions in our restaurant, the Fairy Kitchen in Szeged, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Or taste our cocoa pancakes at home! Order by phone / online and we will deliver it to your home within 1 hour!


Allergen information:

Does it contain gluten? - Yes

Does it contain eggs? - Yes

Does it contain milk or dairy products? - no

Does it contain added sugar? - Yes